Thursday, January 29, 2009

When Time Catches You

(This post was inspired by Mrs. Naz @ Becoming Me)

I often reminisce on the days when i had no children. The days when i was free to sleep till noon and leave the house without complications. Those were the days when i use to wear really cute, expensive outfits that made me look very sexy (not to mention they showed off my cute no pregnancy tummy) and I had hours to get ready before doing what ever it was that friends and i had planned.

I often remember the days of shopping with friends. The times when we would make a whole "day" of it. We would meet at 1 for lunch and then spend the rest of the day shopping and eventually end up eating dinner somewhere. I recall shopping beside the Crazy Lady with her Screaming Toddler! In my naive world, i remember making comments about the Crazy Lady to my friend. "Why doesn't she just make that brat stop screaming", "Girl she really needs to just bust that kids butt", "OMG!!! My kids will never act like this in public"!

If i had only taken the time and paid attention. She was doing everything she could. She was making threats, bribes, and promises. She was also remembering the days when she use to be child free and naive. She was begging in her head for a break to be with her friends and to take a shopping day with out kids screaming. She was wishing that she could just have 10 minutes to enjoy a chapter of a book without hearing Mommy and having to stop every 5 seconds. I should have paid more attention to the Crazy lady because i could have learned a valuable lesson.

Now the roles have shifted and time has passed. My once well dressed, mid-drift bearing self has been replaced by the Crazy Lady! I hardly ever make it out of the house looking cute! My normal outfit looks something like what most none child bearing women would wear to bed or to clean in. I always have a toddler that screams while i wait in line or push the buggy from aisle to aisle. My hair isn't straightened and highlighted with perfect precision. As a matter of fact, it is in a pony tail or bun and looks quiet messy as i probably forgot to brush it today.

I am the one watching and listening as people make faces at me while i am on the verge of tears because my 2 and 3 year old wont stop screaming. I am the one who is crying in her car after she buckles in the kids because she yelled at them. I am the one who drives them directly to McDonald's as her way of apologizing for screaming and making them the bad guys. I am the one who swears it will never happen again.

But it will! It will happen again and again. Because i am not a Crazy Lady...I am a Mom! I do not have brats...I have kids! And as a mom with kids i know that there will be another day sooner than later that my kids will pitch a fit in the middle of Wal-mart. I know i will lose my temper with them and scream because i am a wreck by the time we make it to the car. I will drive to the nearest fast food place that has a kids meal that includes a toy for my best apology effort. And what you childless people don't see is what happens next!

My kids will put their little arms around my neck and tell me the love me and that i am the bestest mom ever! In that moment i will forget all about the hectic trip to Wal-Mart. I will forget about the people who looked at me and rolled their eyes. In my world that is a good day. No one knows forgiveness like a child. They don't hold a grudge and they don't care to. They love me no matter what...even on those days when i am a crazy lady! Children are able to erase the worst day with a smile and a hug!

So for those of you who don't have closer attention to the Crazy Lady because she is teaching you a valuable lesson. Her kids are also showing you and teaching you how life will work once you have kids. Pay close attention to the Crazy Lady and her Screaming Toddler because one day it will be you. Be nice to her so that maybe one day someone will be nice to you!

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Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Beautiful---I loved your take on my Crazy Lady moment. Thanks for the link

Shirliana said...

I LOVED your posting and I gotta say I completely relate. *sigh* Great writing too by the way.

Will definitely follow your blog - I wanna hear more!