Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sione' - 7 Months Old

We are on the official count down to ONE!

I know i say this everytime but i really struggle with it. How can time have passed so fast. Just yesterday you got here, or so it seems. I miss those days of you wanting nothing more than to cuddle in my arms. Content to cuddle up on my breast and look into my eyes.

Gone are those sigh!

Now you are off to the races. You have mastered the basic crawl and have moved on to the bear walk (on hands and feet moving with ease). You also are standing up supported with what ever you can manage to grab onto (who cares if it is sturdy or not). You can walk while holding on to things but still tend to trip over your own feet (or anything the size of a pea since your balance isnt that good yet).

You are eating more solid foods and less milk now. You tend to only eat around 3 to 4 8oz bottles a day with sippy cups of water after meals. You dont really like your sippy all that well and perfer to chew on it rather than drink from it. You are growing more and more fond of fruit but still prefer fresh over baby food. You still love peas but also have descovered the yumminess that is sweet potatoes. Your favorite baby food fruit is Gerber's peach cobbler (who can blame you it is yummy). As far as fresh fruit goes watermelon wins hands down.

You still have not managed to break your first tooth through and at this point mommy and daddy are praying you just wake up one morning with a mouth full so we can end this journey. It isnt that mommy doesnt like you little toothless grin, for that matter i love it, but you are so cranky and i feel like a tylenol/motrin pusher at this point.

As always you are the light inmy day. You have started venturing off to your borthers' room to play with them during the day. It gives mommy a breather but also makes me sad to think the time is coming too fast when you will prefer to play with them rather than me.

I love you my little bug. You will forever and always be my little joy filled monster.