Tuesday, February 22, 2011


It keeps going. No matter what I do. No matter where I go. It just keeps ticking on.

My kids are growing up. They are getting bigger both physically and mentally. I am wondering now how to protect them.

There are a lot of things they need protecting from in the world. There is also that fine line between when to step in and when to step back.

Phabian is starting to hear things from other kids. Things we have not talked about yet. Things I don't even know how to begin to address with a almost 6 year old.

I knew the day would come when the "talk" would be had. I even knew it was coming fast. I however wasn't prepared when Phabian came home from school the other day and told me that a friend was telling him about a girl that "sexed" him.

I just stared blank faced along with my husband. I knew Phabian was waiting on a response but I was stunned.

Then my husband and I almost synchronized said what does sexed mean.

Phabian said it meant the girl took his shirt off. Then he ran off to play. We were left breathing a sigh of relief but still knowing it was time for that "talk" to be had.

This is where we are now...how? What? Who?

Should his father and I approach the subject with him together or just one of us? Should we include MJ in the talk since he starts kindergarten in July or wait til a different, but inevitable, time approaches? How much is too much information for a 6 year old? And how do we express to him that this is something to be discussed at home and not at school?

I feel adrift in a storm. I knew it was coming so why are we so unprepared?

Any help is appreciated and needed. I am soliciting advice. Books, shows, anything to help us along.

Tell me your stories cause I really need the help.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Today started out really...well...crappy. That is the only way to describe it.

The kids got up at 6am cranky and mad. Sioné was screaming his lungs out for no apparent reason. I spilled a whole cup of scolding hot coffee on my foot. It was all crappy.

Then as if my prayers had been heard, Sioné calmed down. I got the boys off to school. We went to Kmart so I could get Marcus a Valentine's Day present (wink wink). And then Sioné and I came home and had breakfast.

It got better. It will get better.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Half way to 50 and don't even have half the answers. But what I do know now is that is actually okay to not have them. And maybe that is the best answer to know.

Sunday, February 6, 2011