Friday, January 30, 2009

My First Award!!!

A big huge thank you to Mel @ A Box of Chocolates for presenting me with my very first award!!!

The award requires the honoree to list ten honest (and interesting) things about themselves and to pass it along to seven other bloggers. So here are my 10 honest and interesting things about me...

  1. I drink about a pot of coffee a day! Yes i know this is far too much coffee! But it takes a lot to get me up and moving in the morning with 2 wild boys.
  2. I really really love snow but i would love it more if it could snow when it was 80 degrees outside!
  3. I wear a size 10/11 shoe! i have a big foot and i swear it just keeps getting bigger. I was mortified the other day when i went to buy a pair of shoes for work and had to get a size 11. Plus they don't sell cute shoes in a size 10/11!
  4. I have 2 boys and that is exactly what i wanted. Everyone wanted me to have a girl and i told everyone that they were nuts. It isn't that i don't like girls i just wanted boys first. Now i would love to have a girl. Just one so that she might turn out to be a tomboy and i can continue to do the whole cars and mud thing with her.
  5. I am a tomboy! A big one! I don't do dresses and hose and i don't take an hour to get ready to go on a date. I do enjoy purses and the occasional cute pair of stilettos but that is as far as it goes. I don't do barbies or pink and have cursed anyone who buys my daughter (should i have one) pink clothes!
  6. I am a HUGE football fan! Like party throwing, jumping on the couch, screaming at the TV, knock you out if you interrupt my game type football fan! My heart belongs to the Oakland Raiders but until they can get rid of their dumb ass owner I am supporting my Pittsburgh Steelers who also are my loves (specificallyHines Ward and Troy Polamalu)! There is nothing better than watching a good football game!
  7. I have a bad temper! I try my best to control it as well as i can but sometimes the evil temper bug bites and when it does most people know to either stay out of my way or be prepared for a fight!
  8. I am a organization freak when it comes to papers and stats. Nothing else though; which would be evident to anyone who sets foot in my house. I use Microsoft Excel for everything! From tracking my bank account to how much weight each player on The Biggest Loser lost this week. I have every paper the school has ever sent home neatly put away in a folder (which is as thick as a semi) and i have a file cabinet where i file my bills by month and other sub-catagories. I even have a folder for takeout menus.
  9. Although i am not a neat freak i am very anal about the placement of things. I want things put back where you got it from. If it was there when you picked it up, then it was where i wanted it. My husband has a bad habit of putting the dishes away in the wrong cabinet or switching them around and we have had several lengthy talks where he says i talk to him like a child telling him the correct placement for things. My motto: If you dont want to be treated like a child, dont do childish things!
  10. I have a very good sense of humor! This may not be evident through my blog although i do try to get an occassional laugh in there. I have several friends who call me just for the sake of needing a good laugh. I usually have a funny story or can turn a bad situation into a funny story if given the opportunity. I just think things go by faster or are easier to deal with if you can laugh about it. Although not all things are funny to all people and what i think is funny may differ from what you think is funny.
So not that i am done with my interestingness i will tag 7 of you and pray that you are reading this!

  1. Holly @ Anglophile Football Fanatic
  2. Brittany @ Becoming a Mommy
  3. Chelsie @ Daytime Drama
  4. Carrie @ My Happy Family
  5. Lisanne @ Lisanne's Blog
  6. Christina @ Momology
Anyone else who wants to participate is more than welcome! Hope you enjoy and let me know when you get you post up so i can go learn 10 interesting things about you!

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Casual Friday Everyday said...

Hey, congrats on your first award!

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