Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ok Ok Im Here

So i realize i have neglected you for a few days. Allow me to explain what has been going on that could possibly be so important as to attain all of my attention.

First off, as you may already know, Phabian has had an ear infection. He is doing so much better after being on the antibiotics for a few days now and i am so glad. I hate to, as most moms do, see my baby sick. He really took it like a champ though. He never complained once about his ear after that first night. He got to see the doctor and after that everything was magically better.

Second i have been spending as much time with my babies as possible because some time this week i will be starting my new job. I am very very nervous and apprehensive about working. I had someone tell me the other day (which i know this is not the case) that i am selfish for wanting a job because i was the one who choose to have kids and be a wife. Now before I get 1000 comments from mommy's ready to take this persons head off let me say that this came from a person with no kids. Ah yes we all under stand now! She just doesn't get it and that is ok. I know what is right for my family and that is what matters. What is right for us you may ask! Well let me tell you: a happy mama! The me time this job allows me will make me happy intern making my family happy.

Next on a list of what has kept me away from my loyal readers. My husbands birthday was yesterday. I set everything up so that we could celebrate on Friday because he wasn't sure he would be off Saturday night or not. So Friday (while he was at work) i spent the day running back and forth between our house, his mom's house, and K-Mart. His mom and I went in 50/50 on a Wii for his 31st birthday. He knew we were planning something but had no clue. He later told me that he really though we were buying a jersey or something lol. He was so shocked to discover a Wii in that heavy box.

His mom also watched the kids while we went to dinner at Tidewater Bar and Grill. They have by far the most delicious seafood. He had never been and this was like my 5 or 6th time. We ordered fried calamari for an appetizer and it was delicious! Then we both had a Greek salad with out Seafood Grill which is a grill mix that has Swordfish, Salmon, Scallops, and Shrimp all grilled to perfection. I had steamed veggies with mine and he had a baked potatoes. They also have the best poppy seed rolls in the world!!!!!! So that was Friday!

This brings me to my last reason for being a bad blog hostess!On Saturday (which my husband did not end up working) that Wii kicked my ever lovin booty!!! I am hooked on this thing and my competitive nature combined with my husband's competitive nature makes us spend hours trying to beat each others scores. Prime example: I don't like baseball! I have never played and i never had an interest in playing! During high school when we would play in gym class i would sit out and claim PMS for the day, but somehow on this darned Wii i find myself obsessively trying to beat my husbands home run record. Why? Because i want him to see that i can be better than him i guess!

We have no games for it yet, and we don't have the Wii Fit or anything. Just the plain Wii Sports Pack that comes with the Wii Sports disk which contains nothing more than Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf, and Boxing. Let me tell you though as i sit here typing this my body is in agony! My muscles hurt and i feel like my arms might just fall off. My competitiveness has led to me realizing how out of shape i am. The Wii has kicked my butt and i haven't even got the exercise gizmo's to go with the darn thing yet. Good thing is that at least i know i will be having fun while i work the flab off my butt and thighs.

So these are the reasons i have been missing. And if you find that i go missing again you will know where to find me. I will be the girl with circles under her eyes stretched out on the couch, collapsed in pain cause she has been playing a Wii non stop for days while trying to tend to her two kids. That's me! Now if you have any suggestions for games i am so open to it!

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Brittany said...

Okay so for Wii games I recommend Mario Kart !! Oh my gosh my hubby and I drove almost an hour away to get that dang game and it was well worth it !! I cant put it down !! Also the Wii fit of course is amazing and one of my personal favorites if Animal Crossing City Folk!!!
I am addicted to that freaking thing to since im on bedrest I cant play the bowling and baseball that I normally love playing but yes the Wii is AWESOME !!
I missed your posts but I assumed you were busy... we can't all be hermits and not leave our houses and stay on the computer all day long like me lol.
So now that I wrote you a book Ill shut up !