Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Night/Day

So as promised i am done being lazy and i will explain why i was soooooooo exhausted today!

So last night the kids laid down and went to bed around 10. At about 11 Phabian woke up crying saying his jaw was hurting. We checked it out by naturally assumed that he had bit his cheek in his sleep or something, so we kissed it and sent him back to bed. He went back to sleep but woke up every 10 minutes or so still crying that his jaw hurt. After checking on him about 4 times we began to ignore him thinking he was just trying to prolong bedtime (he wasn't crying more of a whining).

At midnight he woke back up saying that his head was hurting. At this point i was like he is trying awful hard to prolong bed time. He went back to sleep but woke u about 2 minutes later really screaming and crying that his head hurt. I laid down with him in his bed thinking maybe he had given himself a headache by staying up too long or crying too much. I held him for about 3 minutes till i saw him rubbing the side of his head.

Finally after watching him for about 10 minutes i ask him to show me where it hurt and he, without hesitation, pointed directly to his right ear. So, being the horrible mother i am that has no Motrin or Tylenol in the house, i took him into my room and laid with him. He tossed and turned all night long as did i (i don't do well sleeping with kids in the bed). He popped up at 6:00 this morning when i finally said forget it and got up (after MJ ended up in bed with me also).

He begged and cried to go to school so we let him since he wasn't complaining about his ear, but i still called and made him a doctor's appointment. We went to the doctor at 2:10 and sure enough his ear is infected. The doctor said that he was surprised that he hadn't been complaining about it for days because it was so infected. He said he was glad we came in when we did because if we would have waited a few more days his ear drum might have ruptured it was that bad.

This of course made me feel horrible because either A) my baby has been in all this pain and didn't want to tell me or B) my baby has been in all this pain and i didn't even notice. This is Phabian's very first ear infection which according to the doctor is odd in a good way. He said about 50% of kids will have an ear infection before their first birthday and 75% will have one before their second. This is the first for Phabian and he will be 4 in March and MJ has never had one (knock on wood) and he will be 3 in April. I guess i have been blessed with such healthy kids.

So he prescribed us some antibiotics for Phabian (which i hate to give unless they are really needed but that's another story) and said to give him Motrin as needed. I am keeping him home from school tomorrow because we usually walk (since i am an idiot with no licence and Marcus works mornings) and it is going to be like 28 degrees in the morning and snowing. I want the antibiotics to be able to get into his system first before i go marching him out into the cold.

I really hope he gets better soon. Please keep my baby in your prayers that he heals quickly from this and that his pain is minimal.

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Brittany said...

Oh man I am glad he is okay !! Ear infections are not good ... I kept one from the time I was 2 until now...They wanted to put tubes in my ears but never did and now anytime I go swimming or the wind blows in my ear I get an ear infection. I hope this is his one and only cause they are painful and very annoying !! Ill be praying for your little angel !!