Sunday, January 4, 2009

Income Taxes

So every year hubby and i get back a large income tax and every year we sit and think about what the heck we can do with it. The majority of it goes into savings but we usually save a bit out to treat ourselves with. this year will be no different.

Among the things we plan on buying are a Flip Video Camera, a Wii or Wii Accessories (Marcus doesn't know he is actually getting that for his birthday from his mom and I), and possible a Laptop.

Out of all of those things my favorite is the Flip Video Camera. I am so happy about it that i can hardly wait...seriously...i cant wait! I have always used my digi camera to take video which can never be more than 2 minutes long and takes up all the space on my memory chip. I can not wait to play with this thing and catch all the best moments i can on video. It will be by far the best gift ever!

I am also very excited about the Wii and the Laptop. The Wii will be so fun and aid in one of my improvement goals for this year. The laptop will be awesome as i will be able to take it with us to Florida and Georgia when we go this April and upload all the video and pictures i take on the spot instead of having to wait til i get back home (which also limits how much photo snapping i can actually do).

What do you do with income taxes? Do you set them back and save them for hard times? Do you split them up like we do? Or do you splurge and spend it all? Tell me all about it when you leave me a comment!

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