Saturday, January 17, 2009


So i never claimed to be a Photographer. I am by far not professional. I could take a picture of a moving object if my life depended on it. Most of my great pictures are of nature and are quiet frankly accidents. I don't have any fancy equipment. I own one Kodak Easy Share C613 Digital Camera. I have no real desire to own a more expensive one for no other reason than i would be afraid to break it. I do however love to take pictures and ever so often, if the lighting is just right, and i position the camera just the right way, i catch a brilliantly beautiful picture. Here are a few i love.

I love the beauty of nature! It can force so many emotions and cause such feeling. I have always felt so close and calm in nature! The world is beautiful and filled with blessings and ever so often I can catch that natural beauty on film.

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My Happy Family said...

Nice shots!

And hey, we have the same camera! :) I love it... It's just enough for me. Anything more advanced and I would get impatient.