Friday, January 23, 2009

What Is Happening!!!

First me and now Phabian. I got up at 7 and woke Phabian up so that i could get him ready for school. About 5 minutes after i woke him up i noticed he was looking pale. I gave him a drink of milk and told him to sit down on the couch thinking maybe he just needs something in his belly and that will help. Apparently Mom does not know best because about 5 minutes later he started coughing and threw up. i don't know if he threw up because he was coughing or if he has what i had yesterday but i guess only time will tell.

So here i am, as i was yesterday, sitting at home dealing with vomit. I am going to try and keep him hydrated and maybe give him some toast and dry stuff through the day. I hate when i feel bad but i really really hate when my babies are sick. I feel so helpless when they are sick because what can i do besides hold them and make them feel better with love. Being a mommy is so hard and it seems if it isn't one thing it is another.

I didn't go to work yesterday cause i could barley stand up without throwing up. I slept on and off all day and tried to rest as much as i could between taking care of the kids. I am feeling much better to day but as luck would have it i must have passed it on. I wouldn't wish vomiting on my worst enemy. I hate it! It is the worst thing to have to do when you are sick.

I need your prayers that Phabian will get better soon and that i can keep MJ from catching it (which i highly doubt). It would be nice to escape this round of sickness without MJ catching it.

I am suppose to be at work today at 2 but i cant take the kids to the babysitter sick. So i don't know what to do. I think this is partly why i never wanted to work and i just wanted to be a SAHM. When you work you have to make arrangements and call off and rearrange plans when your babies need you instead of just being there no matter what. So i think i am going to wait for Hubby to get home and then go to work. Hopefully he will be home before 6 so i can get in there and help them finish up this weeks order.

I hate feeling like i am letting someone down but my babies come first. I was a mom before i had this job and i will be a mom long after. I hope my boss can work with me and understand. Pray for me!


Brittany said...

Everything will be okay... I am sure your boss understands that that crap is going around like crazy it went around my house 2 times in December and I had it WAYYYYY back in may also. Its not fun at all I cant imagine seeing my baby sick with it. Ill pray that MJ and your hubby don't get it.

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Oh man, we had the pukes, too. I'm so sorry! I hope you all are feeling better by now.

Don't stress about work. I know people can sound pretty irritated when it comes to having to call out, but really, what can you do?