Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am sick! The kind of sick that makes you want to not leave your bedroom. Just lay in bed with a trashcan in reach. Yea that is me today. I started feeling a little nauseous at work last night but finished out the work and came home and passed out. I woke up about 2 hours later with that twisted feeling in my belly. Needless to say it wasn't pretty for the rest of the night. Now i am exhausted and want to do nothing more than sleep.

Hubby had to work at 6am so i had no choice but to get up with the kids. Which we didn't wake up til 8:30 so Phabian didn't make it to school. Which i guess i don't really care as i was not going to be able to walk him over there anyways and him and MJ have been all snotty and coughing too. I am hoping i will feel better by 2 today so i can go to work but if not i guess it will be home for me. I don't think making a food product, when you are sick, that thousands of people are going to eat would be a good idea anyways.

So i am just going to try and sleep for awhile when i lay the kids down for a nap and i think a trip to the doctor is in order. Cross your fingers and pray that it isn't the flu cause i cant handle that right now plus that kids haven't had the shot this year (i now bad mom right here).

Hope everyone else is feeling way better than me today. Oh yea and just to add this in there, i am not going to be doing as much random posting. With job outside the house, kids to take care of, and exhausted mommy syndrome i don't have time for random. I will try to post as often as possible and maybe throw some random in there when i feel up to it. I hope someone will miss me lol!

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Mel @ A Box of Chocolates said...

I feel your pain! I have been battling sickness for about a week now. It is not fun especially when you are a mom. Thanks for coming by and telling me that I don't stink. It is nice to know that people are reading. I get how hard it is to find the time to comment!! Thanks for letting me know about my slow page load too. I'm working to find what the deal is. Hopefully it will fix itself soon. Have a great week and I hope the sickness has passed.