Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day Went Well

Hi ladies and gentleman! Sorry i didn't send this last night but i was exhausted! My first day went great!!! There are only 3 of us right now that work (there was 4 but apparently one of the girls quit cause she has been a no show for 2 days). Maggie the owner, Michelle the manager, and I are the only consistent workers. Last night Maggie's girlfriend came in and helped us. We were filling the order for Whole Food Stores. It is very much like cooking at home just on a very large scale lol.

We have a routine that we go through. When we first get there we wipe everything down with sanitizer and prep out trash bins. Then we move on to washing all the produce. We hand wash everything with this stuff called bio-wash which is suppose to be better for the veggies than the regular water. We have to cut bad spots out of the tomatoes by hand and cut the top off peppers by hand but other than that there is no cutting involved.

We also package by hand which is pretty cool cause once you get the hang of it you kinda just zone out and go into auto pilot. We have to fill the containers, put the lids on, date them, and then package them. The more people we have the faster it goes. When it was just me and Michelle for the first 4 hours it was moving kind of slow but once Maggie and her girlfriend got there it moved way faster. I got off at 10 even though they were not finished. She told me to go on home since i had been there since 1.

Maggie is the sweetest person ever and so funny. They had the radio on the whole time and Maggie would start singing and dancing. She is quiet the comedian at times. The whole crew if fun to be with and it is more like a bunch of friends than a job. I hope as she expands she keeps this atmosphere cause it is very fun and makes the work fun.

I am not really sore today except for the palm of my hand and my thumb from closing all the lids and pouring the salsa into the tubs. Other than that i am actually looking forward to work today. We will work today and possibly tomorrow but not really sure about the rest of the week as I am not sure what kind of orders she has to fill besides the one they finished last night. So thank you all who sent me thoughts and prayers yesterday cause it went great!

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Brittany said...

Wooohoooooo !! Im so glad it went well !! I was sending good thoughts your way the whole day !!