Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got A Job!

Remember awhile back i told you about a job interview i had? Well after thinking for the last month that she had chosen someone else for the job and contemplating having to look for a job somewhere else, she called! Maggie from Maggie's Salsa called yesterday while i was at Phabian's doctor's appointment and offered me the job.

I am so happy to be able to accept and start work hopefully on Monday. I went in yesterday after Phabian's appointment and filled out the final bit of paper work for the job. She would have liked me to start today but because of babysitter arrangements i needed to wait til Monday. As i had previously said the job isn't a stead 40 hour a week job.

Since she is just a small company right (only employing about 5 or so people) now she only works when she needs to fill an order. This for me is perfect right now. Some weeks i may get 40 hours other times i may get 10 but either way it is a great way to get myself back into the work force and give me something of my own to do. It will also give me great insight into how to run a small business as i am still trying to get my cake business into a decent swing.

I am really excited about this opportunity but also still very nervous about it. I haven't done anything (and i don't mean to make being a mother and wife sound like nothing cause it is a BIG job) except be mommy and wife for the past almost 5 years and having a job that is mine and no one else's is kind of...well...scary!

Either way i am excited to have the chance to test the waters and see how it all goes. The extra money will be great even though it isn't like we could live off it if Marcus lost his job or something. I just pray that i can adjust to a new way of doing things and a new role that involves me being the one to listen to someone who is the boss. I have been the boss for so long that the new chain of power will be interesting to me.

Please pray for me that i will learn my new job quickly and will be able to do everything that they need me to do. I am sooooooo excited!


Rebecca said...

That's so great! Congrats!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

Way to go!

I am sure you will be adjusted to your new role as working outside of the home mom soon and it will be second nature to you. :)

Good luck!

Christina said...


Brittany said...

Congrats hun !! It will be weird to start off since you havent worked like that in a while but I know you will get back into the swing of things sounds like a fun job I wish I could find something like that... I have hated every job I ever had lol.

My Happy Family said...

Congratulations, Courtney! I hope it all works out for you. Best of luck!