Saturday, January 17, 2009

Asking For Participation

Edited Note: So far i have 12 births recorded and out of those only 2 are wrong. So far this thing is proving pretty accurate! Send people my way i would love to be able to base this on atleast 50 births!

Ok i know this is soooooo weird right but i want to do my own little study on how accurate the Chinese Pregnancy Calender is. So i am asking for participants. All i need is a comment (and it can be anonymous) with how old you were and the month when you conceived each child and whether it was a boy or girl. From my own experience it is pretty accurate but i want to base it on more than just my own pregnancy so if you could help me out a leave me a comment and if you want put a link to it on your blog so i can get even more info and then i will post my results. I really hope you all participate!


Brittany said...

I was 19 and we conceived her in August...According to the pregnancy calenders I have seen it said I was due for a girl and as we can all see thats what Im having :)

Christina said...

I was 21 when Nadia was concieved, and a week away from turning 22 when she was born.

Brooke said...

I was 26 when Reshen was conceived in February 05.

Laura McIntyre said...

Rebecca - Conceived when 22 in September
Eilidh - Conceived when 24 in February
Ru - Conceived when 26 in December

Girl, Girl ,Boy obviously :)

(FWIW Mines was right with the girls wrong with Ru)

Steph said...

Brady was conceived when 34 in February

Lisanne said...

Lucas (a boy, obviously!) was conceived in June 2004 ~ and I was 29 years old.

Meredith (a girl!) was conceived in February 2006 ~ and I was 30 years old.

Sarah") said...

I got pregnant with Sammy when I was 21 and had him at 22. He was conceived in October and born in June. He was suppose to be a girl per the chart but he was a boy. I did not look for this baby but should for you.

Amanda said...

Summer was conceived in Oct I was 20 had her in July.

Wyatt was conceived in May and I was 21 had him in February

Lizzy said...

William: Conceived in Oct, I was 22 and had him when I was 23 yrs old. (If I'm right, chinese one I did was right, it would be "boy")

Kadence: Concieved in April and I was 25 yrs old and she was born in Jan when I was 26. (I did chinese on her too, it said "girl")