Monday, October 6, 2008


I am a Creator of imagination businesses, I say this because i am forever coming up with new ideas for a business i want to start. I have had many ideas. Usually they are based off of a show i have watched or something that spoke to my interests. This time is no different and this also isn't a new idea just a revisitation of an old one.

I love to cook, but more than cooking i love to bake. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, bread, i love it all! I have been watching this new show that comes on after Bridezilla, on Oxygen Channel, called Amazing Wedding Cakes. I have decided if i were to go into business for myself this is what i want to do. Since i love to bake and i am able to do it decently i would love to make amazing cakes for peoples special occasions. Here in WV i only know of one place that does these weird, kooky, or amazing designs and i have not heard rave reviews about them. So i think this would be a great idea to pursue.

Personally i think making cakes is a definite money maker. Even though the economy is slumping there are certain things that people will still go on with. Needing cakes is one of them. People will still be getting married, having birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, and other celebrations. Most of these require a cake, and most people would enjoy a exiting, well made cake. Not to mention it doesn't hurt for it to be exciting and beautiful. This is a job i could really dive into and be happy with.

I have decided to start laying out a plan. Maybe start with making cakes in my home for family and friends for special occasions. Then maybe from there, just like many businesses, i can get referral clients. Eventually maybe i will be able to make some money and open a small business or just be able to afford advertising. I want to make a plan and start working on it. This is something that taps into my passion. I love to cook, bake and have fun. A friend of mine was talking about possibly opening a catering business so maybe i could attach myself with her. Usually where there is catering there is a need for cake right? So tell me what you think. Good idea, bad idea, am i insane?

I guess we will see. I need to so some practice runs on some cakes and maybe see what designs i can photograph and get a portfolio of cakes going. I am sure my kids wont mind eating a bunch of cake lol. I will keep you guys updated with my ideas about this. Hopefully i can do something with it.

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Christina said...

This is awesome, Courtney! I am so excited for you to work to make your dream a reality! It'll be fun to watch it take shape. :o)