Sunday, December 14, 2008

Interview and Result

So i went for my interview this morning and i wont know if i have the job till Tuesday. So i figured i minus well tell you about it in the mean time. Even if i don't get the job it is a great product and something i know most of you will like.

Maggie (a friend of a friend) opened her own salsa business back in 2004. She makes fresh salsa and white queso dip. She just opened a new location to make her delicious salsa at and needed help filling orders. She recently secured a order from Whole Foods. He salsa is 100% naturally fat free, all-natural, and has a 45 day shelf life. If you would like to try some (and i recommend it cause it is yummy) you can visit her site Here. I think i will really enjoy this job and it will give me some insight into how running a business works.

I am still in the slow slow process of starting my own cake business. It is going to be an excruciatingly drawn out process. I need this job so that i can have the extra money to fund my cake venture. I did the cake for Jayden's Birthday. It didn't turn out as perfect as i would have liked. The icing we choose to use for the polka dots decided to run before drying and the frosting i tried to use for a ribbon, well lets just say there wasn't enough or a tip. How ever the pearl dust made it look beautiful and very sparkly and the batch of fondant i made turned out perfect this time. Jayden loved it and i think that is what matters. We live and we learn and i sure did learn some lessons with this cake. I was thinking about submitting it to Cake Wrecks but since i am not a professional i don't think they will take it lol. I am sure glad i can laugh at myself.

So i am not going to let anything get me down right now. I am still hoping that this job will come through as it would be perfect. I would work from 2 - 10 pm Mon - Fri. I would get paid weekly with the possibility of weekly team bonuses. I think i would have a lot of fun with the job as well as the wonderful people. I hope you check out Maggie's Salsa and support a small business who is offering fresh, healthy product! keep on praying that i get the job!

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Brittany said...

Mmm i didn't know you were starting your own cake business !! Im gonna have to get you to come to Tennessee and make me some cake !!!