Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Change For 2009

I just looked at that title and realized it sounds like some kind of add for a diet pill or something lol.

Now on to my real post....

Looking back on 2008 there are a lot of moments to remember and make me think. Lets see in list form:

  • An old friend from Elementary School committed suicide at the age of 22.
  • Phabian was potty trained in less than a month.
  • My MIL had another breast cancer scare (turned out to be nothing).
My Grandma had a breast cancer scare (also turned out to be nothing).
  • My husband's cousin passed away at the young age of 32.
  • We spent more time as a family in 2008.
  • Phabian started Head Start.
  • MJ turned 2 and is no longer a baby :(
  • We decided to start trying for baby #3 sometime in 2009!
2008 sure was a busy year with ups and downs. I decided in 2007 that i was not making New Year Resolutions anymore because i always set myself up for disappointment. So what i am doing instead is what i call improvements. I don't try to change just improve upon what i already have. So here is what i want to improve upon in the year 2009:

  • I want to love my husband more.
  • I want to complain less.
  • I want to give my kids at least one day a week of my undivided attention.
  • I want to continue to cut down my smoking.
  • I want to work on my eating habits and intern start to reshape my body.
  • I want to build up my confidence and learn to let things be as they will be.
  • I want to make more time for me.
  • I want to work more on my friendships.
  • I want to spend less time on the computer and more time on life.
  • I want to read my bible more.
  • I want to look into cake classes.
  • I want to show people more of me and less of who they want to see.
I know that is a big list but if i can just improve a little upon all of these i think i will be better for it. So what improvements do you want to make in your life in 2009? Do you have a list of goals? Did you write a post about it? I am trying out this Mister Linky thing and i am not sure i have it right but here it goes anyways. Link up (if you can cause i am an idiot and don't know how to set it up lol. So someone please link up and if i didnt do it right someone please tell me lol) and let me know you New Year Improvements or Resolutions.!

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Mom24 said...

Good luck! That is a long list, but it's a list a lot of us would share. I hope 2009 is a great year for you.