Saturday, November 29, 2008

Back To Life

So today as my turkey hangover wears down i have returned to normal everyday life. I cleaned my bedroom which whether you believe it or not looked worse than my kids. It is the place where everything that doesn't have a place goes to live in a pile on the floor or in a corner. I organized, threw away, and sorted. After i ran the vacuum i started washing and washing and washing some more. I have done about 3 loads so far and only have oh say about a million left to go. This is why me and holidays don't get along. They force me to stuff my belly and slack on chores and then i am angry at them for having to do twice as much when i no longer have an excuse not to lol.

Tomorrow i am going to finish laundry and clean the living room and dinning room. So much to do and so little daylight. I hate it that it gets dark at 5 now. It makes me so tired. I just want to sleep. Its dark it should be bed time (and my kids agree which is odd). Now i have to force my kids to stay awake when it is dark out and the force them to go to bed because i have made them stay up way past their biological ticking tells them to.

I haven't done a lot of Christmas shopping yet. My aunt bought the kids an easel and a bunch of art supplies (from Santa) and then she is also sending more stuff from them up with a cousin. We so far have got the kids a bunch of books, one lap top (kiddo kind) for each of them, and a race track that comes with 2 hummers and 2 controllers so they can race each other around the track. We want to get them a new toy box and some other small things. My brother is giving us two brand new cars (the big ones that the kids drive) that his kids only ended up using like one time. Those will be our big present to the kids this year. I feel bad because we didn't buy them but they are like brand new and i don't think they actually will care. We do however have to buy new chargers and batteries for them. They will get a ton of stuff from everyone else though so i think they will have a good Christmas.

I just am excited to get the tree up. Christmas is my favorite holiday and i love the lights and sparkling balls on trees. I know this isn't what Christmas is about but it sure adds a nice touch right lol. This year we are reading both the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day we will read about the birth of baby Jesus. My kids love a good book and if it is something that can teach them than i am all for it.

So what is your favorite part of Christmas? I have too many but i think just being with family and the feeling that it gives me inside.


Laura McIntyre said...

I also love the family part, just getting to spend time with hubby and the kids is lovely.

I also love the tv our soaps have big stories and the Doctor Who special :)

Brittany said...

I love putting my tree up as well. This Christmas is special to us its our first as husband and wife so we are really excited to share in both families traditions!! I am also recovering from thanksgiving still lol.