Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Decoration Madness

So i have taken a few days off from bloggyland to decorate for Christmas. I got online this morning to check my Google Reader and had over 100 posts...AHHHHHHHHHHH! I tried to read as many as i could before i got a headache and said forget it. So i did a mass delete of post and went on about my day lol. I also must say i am so glad NaBloPoMo is over. I missed 2 days and it made me feel horrible lol. Maybe next year but for now i am glad the pressure is over lol.

Now back to Christmas. We have been decorating up a storm here at the Chaos Abode. This is our first Christmas as a family in a house and not an apartment. We have free range to throw lights over anything that will stand still long enough to be draped. My husband of course has taken this to an extreme. We have lights on the fence for goodness sake. Now he has not managed to get them plugged up yet because we ran out of extension cords but they are there. We got the tree done last night and it looks great. Last year our theme was blue and silver this year we decided on red and gold since some little hands managed to devastate most of the balls from last year. And fear not i have a ton of pictures to show.

Sometime before Christmas i would love to be able to get a cute shot of the kids in front of the tree but who knows if that will happen or not as it seems to be getting harder by the day to get my two heathens to sit still much less together. We have started Christmas shopping now. We only have a few more presents to buy for the kids and then we have to buy for the names we drew from his family and my niece and nephew. It is still very weird for me that his family drawls names but it is a necessity. I mean there are over 30 people to buy for and it makes it so much easier that we only have to buy 4. We got lucky this year and pulled 4 kids names (YES!!!). We also always buy his mom a little something. This year it will be a family picture in a frame. I think that is what most Grandma's love to have is a picture. She said she doesn't care what she gets as long as it isn't anything she can use to cook with lol.

Ok, ok so here without further ado is the pictures of our house and our kids decorating the tree:

(Our front door)

(I just love my husband's decoration style)

(Took another once it got a little darker)

(I know you love my overgrown bush right lol)

(This is one of like 3 i got on daddy helping)

(Phabian was very wild about where he was putting his)

(Where as MJ was very meticulous about his placement)

(Daddy helping Phabian place some up top)

(Daddy lifting MJ to where MJ said he wanted to go)

(Now there is some brotherly love...NOT...they had just stopped fighting about putting their bulb in the same spot)

(Phabian was the only one willing to hold still long enough for a picture in front of the tree)

(And finally one of him standing as he insisted i take 5 more pictures)

So needless to say i am anal retentive about my tree and i rearranged everything after they were fast asleep. Christmas is my favorite holiday but i am also so very anal about everything being perfect which leads to some not so great mommy moments. So sorry to bore you all as i am sure i am the only one who made it this far.


Christina said...

Looks beautiful! I love the pics of the boys helping daddy.

Brittany said...

I really look forward to your posts I was a bit worried when you had not posted in a few days but of course we cant all be lazy pregnant women like me and stay on the computer all hours of the day lol. I love your Christmas tree I always wanted a white one but we always had green. The pictures of your family are beautiful as always :).