Monday, November 3, 2008

Pictures and Stuff

So yesterday was interesting lol. We went with my brother, his wife, and their kids to do a big family shot for Christmas. It was interesting to say the least. Their kids are a little older 7 and 9 and mine our 2 and 3. Do you see where i am going with this. My youngest, MJ, did not want to participate. We ended up having to bribe him for each picture. I now owe him 3 cars, some chocolate, and my SIL gave him a dollar. Yea he racked it up. I wish i would have got paid to take pictures.

We went to JC Penney Portraits Studio and the girl who did the pictures was great. She was so patient with my kids and got some great shots. I will make sure to post them where ever we get them in. We did one group shot of everyone. A family shot of just me and my husband and our kids which is the first in almost 2 years. We did one of my niece and nephew together and them tried to do one of my kids together but ended up with a shot of each kid by them self. Then we did once of all the kids together. It was very nice.

The last time we did a big group shot of the family together like that i was 12 and my nephew was 1 (just so their is no questions my brother is 14yrs older than me). I am now 22 so that means it has been 10 years. So sad that it took that long to do it again but hey it worked very well. We did the whole white shirts and blue jean look which i think turned out great. I just wish the kids would have been a little more into it. Over all the look very natural and happy. Not too too poesy but still organized. We don't look like robots lol!

In other news Bloggy Giveaway Quarterly Carnival was very good to me. I won 2 things last week. First i won a $25 dollar gift certificate for N Style Mom and a 1 year subscription to Parents from 5 Minutes for Parenting. I am a person who hardly ever wins anything so to randomly be chosen to win these 2 things was awesome. I used my gift certificate to buy a Monogrammed Travel Tumbler. I am a big coffee and tea drinker so this is great!

Just one last thing. I am enrolled in NaBloPoMo for those of you who know what it is. For those who don't know what it is, it stands for National Blog Post Month which is November. I am pledging to post everyday this month which might be hard but i am giving it a go. I hope maybe some of you will join me and if not them at least i hope you read and pass me on if you like me to you friends.

Have a happy Monday all and a great week!


Mrs. Bridget G. said...

I am ready to take the family Christmas photos too. I've never went to JC Pennys for it, cause it's a bit far for us, but we usually use Sears and it turns out well. We haven't done it in 2 years so i'm excited. I just wonder if they'll let our dog in the pictures. lol.

Pregnantly Plump said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm finding that portraits are getting more and more difficult as Little Elvis gets older. Glad the picture-taker was nice!

Christina said...

LOL at bribing MJ! I'm glad you got good results and look forward to seeing them! Congats on your win!