Monday, November 10, 2008

Many Moons Ago

My four year anniversary with my husband is coming up on Friday, but i will write more about that on Friday. Today i want to talk about honeymoons.

This is a picture of the sunset at Clearwater Beach, Fla on November 15th 2004. That was the first night of our honeymoon. We took the picture as we walked down the pier. I remember we watched all the performers line up to do their acts and looked at all the hand made crafts people were selling. It was a truly memorable night. Are honeymoon was only 3 days and 2 nights. We didn't have a whole lot of money and had to get back home to WV soon.

Now this is not the honeymoon of my dreams. I would have much preferred a 7 day 6 night cruise to the Caribbean or something exotic but we all know that just was too expensive for 2 newlyweds preparing for their first child. So now we are planning a 2nd honeymoon. The kids are 2 and 3 now (almost 3 and 4) and i feel like we would be able to take a week long vacation all too ourselves.

We have talked about going many places. At the top of our list is Las Vegas. I have always wanted to go to LV but never thought i would. We have been looking up prices and checking things out. We are thinking next year for our anniversary or maybe a little before that since both kids will be in school.

Anyone have any thoughts? Any suggestions on what hotel to stay at or what shows to see? I am willing to take suggestions on other places to go also. Among my list are Fuji, Jamaica, Cabo, and anywhere else warm with a beach lol.


Brittany said...

Hubby and I didnt even get to have a honeymoon. We had it planned out for about a month and half after our wedding cause thats when he got vacation but then I found out I was pregnant and got really sick :(

Congrats on your anniversary 4 years is wonderful :)

And VEGAS ?!?! OH gosh that sounds like so much fun my hubby and I love to play poker so we would probably do nothing but gamble the entire time lol.

Christina said...

How wonderfu to get a second honeymoon! We had considered going LV, too, but ended up doing Santa Fe. I'd love to experience Las Vegas one day!

Anonymous said...

Las Vegas is AWESOME! If that's what you decide to do, let me know and I'll give you some pointers on how to do it cheaply--a lot of stuff there is WAY overrated (and expensive!).