Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Member of the Family

Well we have a new member of the family. It was very unintentional. This beautiful cat has been hanging around my house for the past week. She looks to be in good health. Very shiny coat not skinny. She is also very friendly. She will come to me and let me pet her. She played with the kids the other day on the porch. Well yesterday we gave her some milk and ham and the kids let her in the house. I freaked out and ran her out. Well tonight she came back and apparently now we have adopted her. She comes and goes as she pleases since she is obviously not a house cat. She will come in for a few hours at a time and then sweetly go to the door and sit till you let her out. This works for me. The kids love her and Phabian named her Sophie. So we will see where this goes but in the mean time here is some pics.

She is beautiful. I always said i never wanted another cat but i guess we can see how this relationship works out. She doesn't like to be inside for a long time so she comes in to eat what we give her and rest (when the kids allow) and then she goes to the door and we let her out. She returns when ever she feels like it. I think i can live with a mostly outdoor cat. She is MJ's new bestest friend. He cries when she wants out and chases her when she come in. Poor cat didn't know what she got herself into.

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