Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Short and Sweet

I am going to make this very short as i don't want to dwell on the fact.

I am extremely happy with the outcome of this election. I think people looked past all the lies and past all the things being putt out there and really voted for the candidate that they felt served them the best. I am extremely happy that Obama won. I feel that he is the best direction to take this country in. He is well educated and has a great background with working with communities that are poverty stricken and helping them out of the crisis and i can only hope he will do the same for our country. This is my opinion as a voter.

As for my opinion as a mom. I can only put it this way. As i sat, in tears and silence, listening to Obama speak last night i felt a since of hope and joy. Hope because i feel that he can turn this country around, and joy because i can finally tell my biracial kids that they can be anything they wanna be and truly be able to know that it is true. They can be anything they want to be!

I want to commend both sides for all the votes they pulled in. More youths and first time voters came out last night than the prior 8 years. People needed their voices to be heard and they were. I am proud to be a American today. As i said yesterday this will not change the fact that we still have racial barriers but it is a step in the right direction. I hope that people can rally around Obama to help him restore this country to its standing as a proud confident helping hand nation that we always were.

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Kat said...

Well, I voted for McCain. So of course, I was a little disappointed he didn't win. I don't agree with Obama's policies. Any of them, really.

That being said, this is a very exciting thing for our country. I hope it is a good sign of positive things to come.