Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Anniversary

Well yesterday went very well. Most of you probably read about what i wanted for my anniversary. I must say i was surprised that i got most of it.

hubby let me sleep till 10 and then woke me up with a cup of coffee fixed perfectly as always. When i walked into the living room and the rest of the house it was spotless (well except for the fact that the vacuum broke and he couldn't fix it). I got to spend a few hours just sitting around before we went to pick up Phabian from school and pick up his school pictures. Then we had to go do some shopping. He took me to Michael's where he let me buy some supplies for my upcoming cake order (yes i have my very first real money order due on Monday yay!!!). Then we went home where the kids took a nap and hubby and i cuddled and watched some weird movie that i don't even remember the name of.

Fast forward a few hours lol and we dropped the kids of at my MIL's house and we left for dinner. When we got to Outback there was a really long wait (ended up being an hour and 20 mins) because of a volleyball tournament but it was cool. We chilled outside, which was abnormally warm for being mid November, and talked. When we finally got seated we enjoyed a nice dinner and walked back to the car where my hubby told me he was going home and i was going out with Chelsie for awhile. So he dropped me off at her mom's and we ended up going out for awhile with other friends to get a few drinks.

When i got home we cuddled in bed for awhile and talked (wink wink) and then fell asleep in each others arms. I can't possibly imagine a more perfect day. My husband is one of the sweetest guys i know. He always makes plans for special days and on those days (Valentine's Day, My Birthday, both our Wedding Anniversary and our Dating Anniversary) he always caters to me. It is so nice to have a man who wants to take care of his wife on special occasions but what is really nice is having a husband who wants to take care of you everyday. He is truly the flame that lights my heart and i could never ask for anything more. I don't know what i would do without this man. So here is to 4 more years (and forever) of a happy loving marriage.

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