Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marshmallow Fondant

So i was looking around online for the cheapest price on 20lb containers of fondant. I came across several recipes for Marshmallow Fondant instead and decided that since it would be cheaper and obviously better tasting i would give it a try.

So today i spent 9 dollars and bought 5 bags of mini marshmallows and 3 bags of powdered sugar. I got luck and they were on sale at a local store. I got home and put a cake in the oven to cover with it. I bought a Betty Crocker Cake Pan set a long time ago that has all the different imprints. I chose to use the hearts and German chocolate cake. I melted the marshmallows, added the powdered sugar and poured it out on the greased table. I kneaded it like bread and ya know turned out great.

The first batch turned out so good that i went ahead an did a few more batch (it will keep in the fridge for up to two weeks) in pink, blue, and green. I got it on the cake and smoothed it out, trimmed it and although the design on top was not standing enough for the fondant to really work it did give it a pretty soft finish and it tastes much better than regular fondant.

This makes me wonder why in the heck don't more people use this instead of regular fondant. Fondant, if you buy it pre-made costs about $50 (give or take) for a 20lb container this stuff literally cost me less than 9 bucks for about 10 or more pounds of fondant. I had never heard of this till i stumbled upon the recipe. I am so happy i did cause in the long run it will save me a whole lot of money.

I would post pictures of the cake but it got cut and served before i even had a chance so oh well. It sure was yummy!

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Christina said...

Very interesting! I've never had fondant, but have heard a lot of people say that it's awful to work with and tastes terrible. But this stuff sounds pretty good!