Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Husband

This has nothing to do with this post but Happy Veterans Day. Thanks to all those who are serving now and in the past to protect us and our freedom, and a special thanks to those military families who sometimes suffer in silence while their loved ones are away.

So as i said yesterday my Anniversary is coming up on Friday and i am so happy. So i though i would make this day all about my husband. Now to many he may not be anything special but to me he is the light in my day. There is something about that man that just makes my heart melt and my temper flare at times lol.

I met him for the first time through Chelsie back in December of 2003. At the time I was 17 and still in high school (yes i was a baby lol). He was working at Taco Bell which just so happened to be a daily stop for me and Chelsie. So every time we would go through the drive through he would flirt with me and i think i just was kind of like "whatever"! When i turned 18 Chelsie and I started going to the clubs a lot and i started to see him and talk to him more. Chelsie being the great sister she is told me not to date him (thanks Chels) and so for awhile i listened. We talked and he was such a sweet guy.
Finally in late May i needed a ride home from the club and i didn't feel like waiting on a cab (by this time Chels had stopped going out because she found out she was pregnant with my beautiful Niece Jayden) so i ask him if he would mind take me home. He said it was fine and i was so glad because i was not in the mood to wait an hour for a cab to show up at 4am. After we dropped off a few more people we head towards my house and that's when he ask me if i wanted to go to IHOP lol. Yes, i know, IHOP, such a great first date LOL! Anyways i said yes. We went and i ate his pancakes that came with his meal. A few weeks later i just knew he was the one.

We had only been together about a month when i found out i was pregnant with Phabian and we at that time had already talked about getting married. Now 4 years later i can say i have never regretted meeting or marrying this man. Yes i know we only dated for a month before i became pregnant and yes we only dated for 6 months before we got married, but we were in love and that is all that mattered.

I have to admit my husband is not perfect (well duh he IS a MAN lol). He forgets to take out the trash, and doesn't do the dishes when i ask, and sometimes he does this thing when he is just sitting around where he licks the corner of his mouth and it drives me insane, but he is a good man. He goes to work everyday he has too and some days that he doesn't, he works overtime just so that we can have the extra money, he provides for his family to the fullest, he can get off at 2 am come home sleep for 4 hours and get back up with the kids at 6 when he knows i need a break, he truly is a wonderful husband. On the days he lets me sleep in (usually on his days off) he will wake me up with a cup of coffee fixed just as i like it and a kiss on the forehead. He treats me like a queen and i treat him like a king.

I couldn't have ask for more when i found my husband. He is my best friend, love of my life, and trusted advisor. He helps me to raise 2 of the most wonderful kids on the world and he is damn good at it. He plays with his kids and sets the best example i could ask for his boys. He makes sure he is there for every school meeting, birthday party, and doctor's appointment. For that matter in the almost 4 1/2 years we have been together he has never missed one prenatal, OB/GYN, or pediatricians appointment. He has comforted me when i am sad, laughed with me when i am happy (he has always been able to make me smile), and held me when i feel like cuddling. He is my hubby and i am so glad that God brought him my way.


airingdirtylaundry said...

Congrats on 4 years of married life! What a wonderful post! Mike and I celebrate 9 years on Thursday (the 13th)!

Brittany said...

This post was lovely. It really touched my heart and in some way it helped me realize my marriage will be fine. I married my hubby 6 months after getting together with him as well and we were pregnant literally a month later.

As for Friends and M&Ms I have a ton of candy left over from halloween and Ill watch Friends over and over and over again so come on over !! lol If someone doenst help me eat this candy soon I will start looking 9 months pregnant and I am only 4 months haha