Thursday, November 13, 2008

What I Want

So tomorrow is our 4 year wedding anniversary as i have said many times this week and my dear sweet hubby keeps asking what i want. So i have thought about it a lot. I though maybe some jewelry but i hate spending that much money on something that we cant eat or use as a family. I told him a few months ago i wanted some supplies to get my cake business going but i don't really think that is what i want. So i have come to this conclusion. I want the same thing i ask for every year.

What is that you ask, well i was just about to tell you! Every year i think about what i want. I go through the usual list and then i always end up at the same solution. So here it is, exactly what i want for our anniversary.
  • I want to sleep in at least til 10 with no interruptions. This means i want no kids busting in the room a million times to kiss me and jump on my head. I want complete uninterrupted sleep for a whole 8 hours.
  • I would love to wake up to a clean house. It doesn't have to look like God came down from heaven and did it himself but i would like to not have to go and clean behind what you "missed".
  • I want diner, either out at a nice restaurant or at home that YOU cooked, it really doesn't matter as long as i don't have to lift a finger to get it done. I want it to be just the two of us. One night where there are no screaming kids at the dinner table to interrupt the adult conversation. (and yes i expect to have adult conversation)
  • I want to snuggle on the couch late at night and watch a movie. It doesn't have to be anything specific just a good movie that we can cuddle up and watch just you and me.
  • Lastly, and i will not go into specifics, i want a good night "Kiss"! A good one not a short "peck" or two.

So i don't think i am asking for much. Most of the things above will and can cost way less than jewelry or anything else of the present nature. I mean it is free to clean the house, aside from the ridiculously high bills we pay! So there it is that is what i want for our anniversary. Short, simple, and sweet!

And just to indulge my own self here are some more pictures of our honeymoon!


Brittany said...

I think that is by far the sweetest gift idea ever !!! My hubby would tell me he would rather just do those things cause he hates putting thought into gifts lol. You guys are wonderful together I have never met you and I can tell. Beautiful pictures by the way :)

My Happy Family said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope you 'get what you want.' I think your wish list is a good one.