Monday, November 17, 2008

A Lot O Pics

Ok so today i don't have much to really say but i do have a lot of pictures to post. The first ones are of a family picture we had done. (Aunt Linda or Auntie Kay if you are reading this stop now! You are not suppose to see these!) I'm sorry ahead of time for the blurry appearance. My scanner is still broke so i had to take a picture of the picture lol!

My hubby, myself, and my handsome boys!

My niece and nephew and my boys.

The Whole Gang! My brother, his wife, his kids, my hubby, myself, and our kids! If you think that is a lot of people you should see my husbands family pic (Hint: His mom has 6 children and 15 Grandkids)

Ok so the second set of pictures is of a cake i did for a friend. It isn't the best cake ever and it has a lot of blemishes. I still need some practise with this marshmallow fondant and some more tools in order to get a good professional look. It looks ok! I cant say i am 100% satisfied with it though!

So there it is for today. Cake and family pictures lol. Great right! (did you hear the sarcasm) I am so hard on myself but i think i need to be.


Christina said...

Such a good looking family! The cake looks fantastic...I love the polka dots and you did really well with the fondant!

Lizzy said...

You did a wonderful job on the cake. Amazing! YOu rock for sure. As far as the pictures, you did a great job. :D