Saturday, October 4, 2008

All Grown Up

I did some collages of the kids on Picnik. They turned out very well if i do say so myself. I think i might have them printed to hang on the wall or something. But besides that just look how much my babies have grown.

Phabian ranges in age from newborn to 3 1/2 here.

MJ ranges in age from newborn to 2 1/2 here.

They just grow up way to fast. I find myself trying to remember when they were babies and the memories (although captured in pictures) tend to dull over time. I wish i would have paid more attention to the details when they were babies. I miss it. I miss the cuddle time and holding them tight. Feeding them and having their full attention. They just grow too fast.

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My Happy Family said...

Those are so fantastic!!! You could make money doing those, I bet! Very impressive, Courtney!