Friday, October 31, 2008

Last Time/Day 1

Ok so i had my last cigarette at 11pm last night. So far this morning i am doing ok. I am not ready to kill anyone i am not losing my mind and i am not screaming. I am a little antsy and i am feeling the need to eat something. It is the hand/mouth addiction. I am so use to having something going from my hand to my mouth that food is the only other option in my brain. Of course i dont wanna gain 50 lbs while i am quitting so eating is not an option. I have thought about suckers since that would help the hand to mouth but i dont if anything at this point will really actally help besides time.

What is really hard is that my body associates everything with smoking. I am sitting at the computer and sipping coffee and my body is screaming, "where the f**k is my cigarette you b***h"! I am so use to my morning routine. I get up have a cigarette while i wait on my coffee to brew, go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, if i have finished that cigarette light another. It is a never ending cycle.

I am so scared to fail. I did everything that the American Lung Association tells you to do. I set a date (today), i rid my whol ehouse of anything pretaining to cigarettes or smoking, and i told all my friends and family (including you guys here in bloggyland) so that it wouldnt be easy to back out on my attempt. So for now i am on the right track. I am doing ok. Surprisingly ok!!!!


Laura McIntyre said...

Typing one handed so keeping it short. Good luck hun i know you can do it, been there and done it myself.

Christina said...

Good luck!!! You can do it!!!