Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hi, my name is Courtney and i am addicted to blogs!

Yes you heard that right. I am a blog addict. Not just addicted to reading blogs but to writing them. I constantly will have a thought roll through my head and think "oh that would make a great topic to blog about". At this moment (and i say that cause it changes at least once a day) i have 32 blogs that i read daily. I know what you are thinking!!! How in the world do i find the time to read that many blogs when i have a 2 and 3 year old running around my house? Well this is how. I have a morning routine. I wake up when the kids get up around 7 or 8. We eat some kind of yummy breakfast. While they are eating i sit at the computer and sip my coffee as i check my e-mail. When i am done checking e-mail and MySpace i start on my blog list. By this time the kids are done eating. This is usually when i entertain them with a little TV lol. Playhouse Disney makes a wonderful 30 min babysitter when needed. So as they sit watching TV quietly (yea right they don't do anything quietly) i read as many blogs as i can (usually about 10 or so). After that most of the other blogs get read between nap time and then after the kids go to bed.

My day is totally not complete til i have read all my blogs and posted in mine. Now i am fairly new to blogging. I just started this blog in August, but i have always "blogged" somewhere since at least 2000. I use to have a live journal for years. Then when i found MySpace i started writing there instead. With so many of my friends in my Yahoo Parenting Group having blogs that i read i decided i needed one. That brings me to here and my addiction. I have to read and write. I find it so amazing to read the thoughts and lives of others. Maybe because a lot of them sound so similar to my life and make me realize i am not the only one feeling a certain way, or maybe because some of them are so polar opposite of my life and give me new perspectives of life. Either way i love reading and writing. I love getting to know all these people and letting them get to know me.

I will ask now that you all feed into my love of blogs (aka addiction) and send as many people my way as you can. Tell them to come read my posts and leave comments. I am sure no matter their background or writing style that i will add them to my list of blogs and i will fall in love with them as a bloggy friend. So send then my way. I am just a mother of 2 boys and wife, who happens to be a lover of blogs and people.


Christina said...

32 blogs? Oh honey, that's nothing! I currently have 124 blogs in my reader! LOL. And that is why I don't always have time to comment. ;o)

My Happy Family said...

Wow, 32!?! That's incredible! I have about 5, and I thought that was bad.

You're right though.. It is a lot of fun - both reading AND writing them. :)

Laura McIntyre said...

Welcome to my world, i just love reading and writing blogs. I use to read over 100 different ones and comment on each and every post but those were in the days of two children and when both would nap.

Now im down to about 50 or so , and leave comments well almost never lol...

I will send some people over from my blog next time i post .