Friday, October 10, 2008

Prime Example

This is prime example of why you need a turn table and a proper spatula when putting together a cake. Not to mention why it is always better to make your own frosting (this was a good frosting just wasn't the right consistency for what i needed it to be). I am so disappointed but i must say that i wasn't trying to create a master piece, just playing around with flavors more or less. I made a orange butter cream that is out of this world. I used Betty Crocker Whipped Butter Cream Frosting (which btw Betty Crocker is donating during the month of October to the fight for a cure for Breast Cancer so take into consideration with all you baking needs) and added pure orange extract and food dye to give it pop. Flavor wise it turned out spectacular. Look wise i am in desperate need of a cake turn table and a spatula. AHHHHHH put it on the list of things i need to get this business started. Anyways i am going to post some pics. Pls don't be harsh and remember this was about flavor not look. I do however think it would make an adorable snowman lol. If i did a mint butter cream and added some adornments. Just too cute!!! I think i will keep that in mind for Christmas lol!!!

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Christina said...

mmmm, it looks yummy!