Thursday, October 23, 2008

Parent/Teacher Meeting

So please bare with me as i spend the next however long bragging about my child.

We had Phabian's very first parent/teacher meeting today. We dropped the kids off at Granny's house and walked over to the school. We met alone (which was great) with both his teacher Ms. Kim and the teacher's aid Ms. Angie. The meeting started at 10:30 and lasted till 12. I didn't expect it to last that long but it was great. They answered all my questions and filled me in on what all goes on in the class during the day. She told me that Phabian is such a great student and loves to ask lots of questions and listens equally well. He is always very patient and plays well with the other kids. He shares well and always asks for help if he needs it. For awhile i thought she was describing the wrong kid because the kid she was talking about was not the kid who was probably at that moment ransacking his Granny's house.

I thought it was the wrong kid until she started to tell me about their testing process. They are required to test the kids twice a year to see what level they are on and what they should work on with them. She showed me the test book that they use and explained how they proceed giving a 3 year old a rather lengthy quiz of his knowledge. I must say i was impressed with how they turn it into a game for the kids to make it more fun. So she them gave me a big smile and showed me the results. Phabian is 3y and 7 m old. As of the 21st this is how he ranks: In Motor Skills he scored on a 4y and 2 m old level, in Language he scored on a 4y and 1m old level, and in Academic he scored on (and she said this is rare which shocked me) 3y and 8m old level. Now avoiding the fact that he is average on the academic while advance in everything else i ask how is that rare. She said that most kids his age come in slightly lower than their age (but still in the average range) in the academic portion.

So here is where they bragging comes in. My baby, my first born is above average. He is intelligent and has good people skills. They even said he has a great sense of humor! This makes me ecstatic!!! It validates that i am doing something right as a mom. For all the time that i have beat myself up and tore myself down over things i could have done better, i am doing a great job. My son is smart, well rounded, funny, and plays well with others. I, as a mother, could not be more proud not only of my son but also of myself. It is so bittersweet that my baby is in school but gosh darn it he is doing so good. He is learning so much everyday and growing into such a swell kid right before my eyes.

Ok i have to stop before I start crying again. yes i already cried once today about this. It just makes me so darn proud! Thanks for baring with me on this bragging mommy moment.


My Happy Family said...

Hooray Phabian! What a great report!

I hope our preschool does the same type of conference/testing. How interesting, and great that they spent so much time with you.

Sounds like a great school.

BTW, where did you get your template? That is really neat... I can't figure how to do anything like that.

My Happy Family said...

What a proud moment that must have been for you! Hooray for Phabian! That must have made your day. I hope our preschool will be that thorough when conferences roll around, assuming we even have conferences.

BTW, I love your blog template. How did you do it? I looked through the sample templates, but nothing looks as creative as yours. Is there someplace else you can download templates? I would love to be more creative with mine.

Christina said...

That is just awesome! You have every right to be proud. What a smart boy! I wish they did that testing at N's school - I'd be curious how she stacks up.

Adventures In Babywearing said...

It is SUCH a good feeling when people outside of your life realize the specialness in your child... gets me teary, too!