Monday, October 20, 2008

My Dear Sweet Phabian

So it has been a ruff week for my big boy Phabian. He has been having a hard time with school. I think it is caused by the fact that they go year round. They go for 9 weeks at a time and are out for 3 weeks at a time. Now i know they say this is an attempt to help kids remember more and forget less but it is very confusing for a child at age 3. I think he went for the first 2 weeks then they left on break and he thought,"ok i went to school its done now". Oh my poor child if you had only know that your excitement about school needed to last about another 20 years.

It all started the 4th day back from break. It was a normal Friday as always. They were learning about the letter F and playing outside as long as the good weather lasted. He threw a rock while they were outside playing. Now every Friday they get (if they have been good all week) a treasure out of the treasure box. This so called box contains both toys and candy. Because he threw the rock he didn't get any treasure. He was so upset and cried. The next school day he seemed fine, but lone an behold when we went to pick him up he was crying. They had been learning about Fire Safety and they used a puppet. Well apparently one of the other kids was playing with it and made a gesture at Phabian like the puppet was going to get him. He was petrified. Now it is a fight every morning. When we approach the school he starts in with i don't wanna go. Then once we get inside he screams bloody murder. When we pick him up the report is always the same,"He cried for a few minutes and then he was fine".

Now this is very hard for both of us. As a mommy i want to run back in and grab him and hold him till he is ok, or run home with him in my arms. I hate that he is sad. It is the policy of the school that you allow your kids to get through these times by leaving them there and allowing them to gain trust in the teacher by allowing her to console him. I wouldn't have a problem with this if i didn't feel like he is somehow losing trust in me. I feel like i am the one who is suppose to help him through this and i am the one who is suppose to console him. It is frustrating. He is doing better though. Day by day the time that he cries is getting less and less. Yesterday it was 2 minutes and today it was only 1 and he is no longer in tears when we pick him up either. I hope it passes soon. He is such a big boy and i just don't want him to feel like mommy has somehow abandoned him to fend for himself.

So i guess that is my rant for today. My big boy is getting to big and growing even faster now. Each day that passes i see my first born growing into a well mannered, intelligent, all be it rowdy young man. Soon he will be playing little league sports and i will be cheering him on in the stands. Soon he will move from the comfort of his small school with 12 students to a big school with lots of kids. My baby is growing and all i can do is sit here and wonder where the heck time went to and why i didn't notice it was flying by.

Oh yes and Phabian's word of the month: Steep (ie: "Mama we can't climb that hill cause it's steep!!!")

and some pictures to end with.
Silly Face

Pout Face

Happy Face

Surprised Face


Christina said...

Oh, I'm so sorry he's having a rough time at stop off! That would be hard. I ber he'll be back to running into the classroom with hardly a backwards glance soon enough.

Love the faces!

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

He is SO CUTE! When kids have a hard time in life, it's so tough to watch. I'm very, very scared of the preteen years. Not because my kids will be difficult, but because other kids can be so downright MEAN.

Anyway, sorry it's taken so long to stop by here! I really appreciate you coming by to comment on my blog! Hope to keep seeing you!