Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's Up With That?

So i am going to go on a rant, so bare with me here.

I want to be a healthy. I really do want to eat organic foods and exercise everyday. I would love to lose about 30 to 40 lbs and be in the shape i was in pre-kids. I want all these things desperately, but what no one tells you is that these things are sometime (if not always) the most difficult things you will do.

It is hard enough to find a balance between cleaning house, balancing the check book, paying the bills, chasing the kids, and time for myself to relax. When you add on trying too cook a healthy meal made entirely of organic healthy foods and 30 mins a day to exercise you have completely thrown me into a melt down. Now are these the only problems i have with this situation...NO!

Why is it that the whole country has their panties in a bunch about the obesity crisis (i don't mean for that to sound like i am making light of it because i know it is a serious epidemic), but it is still cheaper to buy a double cheese burger than an organic head of lettuce? I can buy canned foods for 1/2 the price of fresh fruits and veggies and yes they are not as nutritious but they are what fit in my budget. Times are hard and trying to make a meal from scratch is getting to be more expensive.

I long for the days where my mom use to fix fat filled, high calorie meals that filled our tummies. Yes they probably were not the most healthy but they filled us up and made us fill happy. How is it that our grandparents and our parents and even some of us grew up eating these high fat, high calorie, high sodium meals and we are still alive and kicking and in a lot of cases healthier than our children? When did it become necessary to eat nothing but lettuce and organic to not die when you are 40? Their are people living way past their hundreds now and not because they ate right everyday but because technology has expanded the ability for us to fix problems. My grandma didn't die because she ate fried chicken and greens she died because she smoked for 60 years. WTF? (BTW i am not saying that it isn't important to eat healthy because i know it is but geesh!)

I think i have the solution to the obesity epidemic in America. Lower the price of an apple to the price of a cheese burger and the raise the tax on fast food to make it too expensive for Plumber Joe (sorry couldn't help but through that in). If you cant afford it you wont buy it. I don't buy organic because i can't afford it. i am 22 years old and i ate fried foods, fatty steaks, and sloppy joe's growing up. I am relatively healthy. I don't think an organic veggie (unless you count what we grew in our own garden) ever crossed my plate as a kid. Please tell me i am not alone in this. Please tell me i am not the only mommy in the world who wants to do this but cant afford it.

As for the exercise...i really don't have time. i know that isn't an excuse but by the time i get the kid sin bed at night and collapse on the couch i don't want to move much less get up and do crunches or jumping jacks. So walk my kid to school everyday. Its about 6 block one way. I do this twice a day. 24 blocks a day 5 days a week. It is something, and a lot more than i am use to hence the sore muscles i have attached to my back side. I just wish i had more time. God can we please add about 4 extra hours in a day??? Wait...no...that wont work...then i would probably try to catch up on sleep or chase my kids even more!!!

I cant win!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I do know what you are saying... I hear you!