Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Story

Oh wow i cannot believe it is over already. As quick as it approached us it is now gone. The only reminder to be little shards of wrapping paper that forgot to be picked up and lots of new toys to occupy children's time. I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and were surrounded by the warmth and love of family. I can't wait to hear all about your days.

We spent Christmas Eve with my In Laws as is the norm. We got to their house about 6:30 and were the first to arrive (which is also the norm as no one in that family is ever on time lol). By 7:30 everyone was there (which was more than usually at a total of 35 people) and we started eating. They don't do a big dinner but more of a pot luck, finger foods type dinner. There were chicken wings, cheese balls, meat balls, BBQ weenies, and i made a Mexican dip (it is made with refried beans, sour cream, taco seasoning, and shredded cheese) plus more. After we finished eating we all swapped presents. Phabian received a package of match box cars and a remote control race car. MJ received a package of match box cars and a Hot Wheels City. Also my SIL gave them a little remote controlled car each. I received a gift card for a mani/pedi and Marcus received a really nice shirt. We drew 4 kids this year and we bought DaSean(10), DaJuan(11) and Telis(10) toboggan/glove combos and Kei-Anna(6) got a jewelry making kit. We also bought for his Mom and Dad. We bought his Mom a Soup Kit with 2 Bowls from Figi's and his Dad a Budweiser BBQ Set from Figi's. WE finished off the night with a lot of laughs and headed home about 10.

We let the kids stay up till 11 to finish watching some of the Christmas cartoons that were on. They laid down but didn't make it to sleep until midnight (UGH). Then the fun of toy making began lol. We only had 2 thing to put together this year. The easel was pretty easy it was just a bunch of screws that twisted into these plastic caps, but the toy organizer was a task. Screws and plastic don't mix very well at all. After we got those set up we put all the presents under the tree ate some cookies and headed to bed.

At 8 Marcus woke me up and said "The kids aren't up yet do you wanna go ahead and get up" and i was like yea that way i can get my coffee fixed right? NO NO NO! As soon as i got to the bathroom and shut the door i heard Phabian go, "Mommy, Mommy where are you, Mommy......OMG WHERE DID THESE COME FROM!" So i told him to go wake MJ up and we could open presents. They had so much fun tearing open all the gifts. Phabian got a bunch of cars, a race track, a write rite computer, and much much more. MJ got a bunch of cars, a Piston Cup Electric Race Track, a write rite computer, and much more. Mommy and Daddy didn't exchange presents this year lol. The kids also got a DVD player and some DVDs to share. One of my favorite presents was the Gazillion Bubbles Bubble Grill my Aunts got the boys. I think hubby and i had way too much fun with it lol. After we got the trace tracks put together i went to go fix breakfast. After we ate we left for my Brother's house.

We got to my Brother's at about Noon and the kids ran off to play as i helped my SIL to finish cooking. When my Dad got there at 3 we opened more presents. The boys got 2 Shake'Em Cars a piece and some new (much needed) clothes. I gave William (10) and Elizabeth (7) gift cards for Wal-Mart (Since my Brother works there my SIL always requests Wal-Mart gift cards. They get a discount and get more for their money.) We bought my dad a Christmas Tin of Candy Fruit Slices and of course we all went in on the Family portrait of all of us. He was so happy! After all the paper was cleaned up lol we went to eat. We had deviled eggs, green beans, green bean casserole *we have to have both as my hubby doesn't like the casserole), mashed potatoes, rolls, glazed spiral ham, and for an appetizer my SIL made this really yummy Buffalo Chicken Dip. It was awesome and i have to get the recipe from her. We stayed their till about 5 and finally took off. We stopped by my MIL's house one more time so that the kids could get their stockings (they get one at home and at Granny's) and presents from Granny and Grandad. They got the boys 2 new outfits each and some more cars and candy. They also bough Marcus a new hoody and jammie pants and me a new robe. We finally made it home about 6 and finished putting together toys and playing. The boys watched Ratatouille before bed but passed out about half way through. Hubby and i got to bed finally at about 11.

I am pooped today! I will spend the day playing with the boys and enjoying the fun to be had with new toys. Cleaning can wait for another day when i am not exhausted. I hope you all had a great holiday with lots of love and warmth and joy to go around.

PS...Oh yea and on Saturday we head back to my MIL to make Christmas Cookies with all the grandkids (that 15 total). She usually does it on Christmas Eve but this year she has to work til 5 so we are doing it Saturday instead. Not like the kids care and it gives me 2 day to rest.

PPS....You can find out Christmas Pictures Here and Here!


pam said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas.

Happy New Year.


Susan (5 Minutes For Mom) said...

What fun!

don't you just love that when you think you're going to have 2 seconds to do something like get a coffee... they always wake up!

Thanks for sharing!