Monday, December 22, 2008

Letters To Santa

So this is the first year my boys have written a real letter to Santa. It wasn't so much words as it was scribbles and drawlings of what they wanted but hey it still counts. If you didn't know Santa can read scribbles and he understand abstract art very well.

This is the letters all sealed up and ready to be mails. Yes Santa lives at 101 Ho Ho Ho St in the North Pole and you will not tell my Phabian any different. If this is where he says Santa lives than i give him the benefit of the doubt. Him and Santa are homies ya know!
This is the letter they received via express mail i am assuming since we just mailed the letters out yesterday and received a reply today. Yes we mailed them on a Sunday...Santa came and picked them up personally. How do i know you ask? Because Phabian said he heard him jump on the roof and then on the porch and get them. Are you questioning the wisdom of my 3 year old?
Here is what MJ's letter said:
Dear MJ, I watched you closely all year long and you have been very well behaved! While your brother is at school you have done very well at home. You are learning a lot with your Mommy and Daddy. I just love your pictures you drew! You are also very polite and behaved at home. Continue to be polite by saving thank you, please, and excuse me. Also play nice with your brother. Your Mommy, Daddy, and I like it very much when you and your brother share toys. I will be watching, so continue to behave and mind Mommy and Daddy and I will have lots of Cars for you!

This is Phabian's letter:
Dear Phabian, I have been watching you very close this year and I like what i have been seeing. You have been doing very well in school. I love the snowman ornament you made for your Christmas Tree. You keep up the good work and keep learning. You have also been doing well at home. Keep on being polite by saying please, thank you, and excuse me. Also be good to your Mommy, Daddy, and Brother because they love you very much. Keep setting a good example for your Brother. If you keep up the good work I will be bringing you lots of cool presents!

And here they are opening their letters with Daddy prepared to read them.

Is it just me or did Santa sound like a tired Mama of 2 that needs a nice relaxing day at the spa! No...Just me...oh well it was worth bring up.

So there it is my boys first letters to Santa. It was a definite experience!

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