Saturday, December 13, 2008

All Done...YES!!!!

So tonight we finished our Christmas shopping....WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now i never keep track of how much i spend i just know i have a budget and that's what i stick to. We only get what is on the list and who we have to shop for. So i am asking for honest opinions! I am going to throw a number out there and the amount of people i bought for and you tell me if i did ok or if i way over spent. Ready???

We spent a total of about $500.00 on a total of 11 people!

Now to me that is a lot of money. That, to be brutally honest, is more than half of one of my husband's paychecks. So to me if we would have done all that shopping at once we would have just about killed ourselves financially. Lucky we have been able to spread it out and i am ashamed to say charge some of it to credit (which i despise doing but it wasn't too much and we will pay it off with our income taxes).

The good news is we are done. We got every present for every person we had to buy for this year. Are you done? When do you start your shopping? I am so a last minute shopper which i desperately hate because i never can get what i want cause the money tend to run real thin at the last minute. I wish i was one of the people that could start shopping in like July or something but i just never think about it. So tell me about your shopping habits.

I am starting to feel a little alone on here as i hardly ever get any comments from there anyone out there there there there???

Ok moving on...I think i might be getting a job! I am excited and nervous all at the same time. I am so nervous because the work force is not really my specialty. I haven't had a job in about 5 years and i am not a big people person. I feel very much at home talking to you all through my computer screen and with those few friends i have in real life. When i get around large groups of people i tend to clam up and become very quiet. I didn't use to be like that. I use to be a very social butterfly but 5 years cooped up in a house where the primary conversation is with a child under the age of 5 will kind of decimate your social abilities lol.

I am very excited on the other hand. I think i need this time away from the house and the kids. I need something that i can clam as my own that isn't just taking care of my hubby and kids. Please no one get this wrong i love my kids to the core but sometimes you just need space or time to be yourself and i think a job is just what i need. It will be mine! Not something i do because i am a mother or a wife but something i do because it is me. I hope i am making a little but of sense here. Am I or am I rambling incoherently?

Oh well i go for my interview at 9am tomorrow so i would appreciate some prayers this way to have the right words and get the job. Thanks everyone and i look forward to being able to tell you all about my NEW job tomorrow (fingers crossed)!

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Laura McIntyre said...

Good luck with the job, im going to have to do the same thing next year and not sure if it makes me happy or sad.

Just let you know i am always reading, just don't always have time to leave comments but im around. Love reading your blog and its definitely one of my "keep reading no matter what ones"