Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ornaments Followed by Life

SO as i have taken my normal rounds around the blogasphere i found a lot of people sharing the special ornaments that they have on their trees. So since i have already posted a picture of our Christmas Tree i figure i would share some ornaments that Phabian made at school (that were not on the pictures of the tree before) and some from my childhood that just didn't make it on the tree this year.

This is Rudolph made simply out of Popsicle sticks, construction paper, red felt balls and googly eyes.

This is the reef that they made out of beads and pipe cleaner.

His snowman which is made of printer paper, green glitter, and his picture as the face.

Now this is an ornament from my childhood. It is the bottom of the tree from the last Christmas i spent with my mom. If you cant see it says Christmas 2000. She made it as something we were suppose to start doing every year. Sadly it would be the last one she did.

This is the one from the Christmas (2001) after she passed. It was my first Christmas without my mom and it was so hard but i did this one for her since she wanted it. Sadly to say we never did another one. I have a fake tree now because of the kids allergies but if i ever do buy a real tree again i will make sure to preserve the memory like this.

This is a Ginger Bread Woman i made with my mom. It makes me smile to see the hand made ornament that has made it through all the years.

And here is Ginger's soul mate Gingy. They make a cute pair don't they?
So as the title should suggest i had planned on writing more about life in general and how i have had a few bad days, but i will save it for another time since i feel a tad bit saddened by the memories of my mom. I am going to go hug my kids and play cars like they have been asking me to for a few hours now. Thanks for sharing these memories!

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