Monday, December 15, 2008

Centennial Celebration

So here i am, 5 months later, celebrating 100 posts! I can not believe this is my 100th post on this blog! It just doesn't seem like i have written enough to fill 100 posts. All be it that some were very short and other probably meaningless but its my blog and this is my 100!!! WAHOOOOO!!!!!!! (Did i say 100 enough? Did ya get the point?)

Now what in the heck should i talk about?

It was suppose to be a sunny day today and i promised the kids they could go out side and play, but low and behold as soon as i laid them down for quiet time it started raining. Now i have lied to my kids and my nice sunny day has turned to poo. We have been having some crazy weather here lately. One day it is in the 30's the next in the 60's. We have went just in the past 3 days from having snow on the ground to today staring out sunny and 63. This is weird weather for December don't ya think? Well maybe you don't if you live somewhere like Florida or California but for West by God Virginia this is weird.

I mean we by no means get the ice storms or blizzards that northern states get but we usually have low 30's to mid 40's with at least a chance of snow in December. The last time we had a warm December like this was when i was pregnant with MJ. It was 75 in mid December and for a pregnant whale (yes i said whale) like i was it was miserable. I had fans in my windows at night even if the weather did cool down to 30. My poor husband was freezing and i was pouring sweat. If i could have one wish for Christmas it would be 6 inches of snow. To some that might sound crazy, like why only 6 inches? I only want a small amount so that we can still get around on Christmas Day but still be able to enjoy a white Christmas. I have not seen a white Christmas in years...seriously! It kind of makes me sad.

In other news i am having some serious baby fever. All you ladies out there who are preggers or just gave birth are doing a number on my baby wanting brain. Hubby and i have already decided not to start trying till after the 1st of the year and it will be awhile still because i have to go get the IUD taken out and then wait for a normal period and blah blah blah (I know TMI right?). If i had it my way (and if we were rich) i would have like 10 kids by now. I know i bitch and moan about my kids sometimes but geesh i love those little buggers and wouldn't trade them in for anything. I would love to be able to have a large family and be "That" grandma with the 20 grandkids. My MIL has 6 kids and 14 grandkids (and she doesn't realize she might be getting more lol). That is a great picture to me. I see the fun they have when they are all together and it just makes me so happy and warm.

So i guess this is it for now. I started writing this post yesterday and it has been sitting in draft form cause i kept trying to think of something more profound to write about but profound just isn't my style today (Or yesterday) i guess. I will leave you with a really cool picture in the Christmas Spirit...

I was reading Slouching Mom over at her blog Slouching Past 40 and she posted a pic of herself that she made via this website. If you want to make your own or look at the many other cool pics you can make go here and check it out. Thanks to Slouching Mom for the link!

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