Sunday, December 28, 2008

Gazillion Bubbles

Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles is what we did yesterday. We had a crazy warm day with a high close to 70 and sunny skies. It was really a beautiful day all be it weird for December. We took the boys to get their hair cut and then watched the WVU game while the boys napped. Marcus had to be at work at 4 so me and the kids were on our own last night.

When they woke up from nap time we traveled to the front porch for some bubble fun. They were a little disappointed that i wouldnt let them off the porch to play in the yard but it was muddy from all the rain so we stayed on dry ground. They played for about 2 hours with the Gazillion Bubble, Bubble Grill my Aunts got for them. That thing was throwing bubbles everywhere. It really did make a gazillion bubbles lol.

As it got dark we ventured back inside but first they called my Aunts to tell them how much fun they had with the Bubble Grill. They talked for a bit them we came in to fix dinner which ended up being PB and J sandwiches (yea i know bad mama lol).

Yesterday was a fun day and i hope today is the same. Please continue to pray for Brittney and Baby Kaci and Baby Stellen. They really need your prayers right now and i know God is listening.

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Finding Normal said...

Great pics! It's been unseasonably warm here too! I love it!