Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saying Gravy For Dinner

This is how prayer is usually said before dinner:

Me: Come on boys it's time to say grace and eat! (usually said in a yell over the 2 tvs and kids playing)

*i put plates on the table and turn off the tvs and we all sit except for MJ who is still playing with a car somewhere*

Phabian: Come on MJ we have to say gravy!

MJ: I comin' bubby!!!! (pitter patter pitter patter)

*Kids in unison* God is grafe, God is good, and we tank him for our food! By his hands we all is fed, give us Lord out daily toast! A-hem!!!

And then we eat! I guess we need to work on the words some more but that is how gravy is said in our house!!!

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