Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Midwife Visit #1

Yesterday was my first appointment with the Midwife. She was such a sweet lady and very soothing and calm. She talked to me a lot about how the Birthing Center works and what they like to do there. She checked my uterus and said i feel 8 weeks along which is still what we both estimate that i am. They will send me a letter for my US when they get it scheduled and we will find out then how far i am along for sure. For now though she is putting my EDD date at November 8th.

Yesterday we really just did a whole lot of talking and filling out paper work. I had to take what they call a preemptive glucose test. It is the same one you take around 25 weeks or so but they like to do one then so that they can catch any early problems. So far so good i guess and we will know more after the US.

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Momma said...

how exciting!! so are you starting to feel more comfortable with a natural birth?