Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bad Blogger, BAD!!!

I just realized i owe you guys like 50 posts lol! Specifically about the stuff i bought and never finished telling you about and the survey i did about the Chinese Pregnancy Calender. So what i am going to do is wrap it into one post right now.

Here are a few pics of the beds we bought with income taxes. I am so in love with mine and the boys couldn't be happier.

My bed is so soft! It is micro suede...Oh yea!

Phabian picked out Wall-E and MJ picked out....dah dah dah....CARS!

As far as the Chinese Pregnancy Calender Survey goes. I would say that it is about 60 to 70% accurate. i didn't have a big pool to base it on but out of 27 kids 15 were correct and 12 were wrong. Here is to hoping i am one of the wrong cause based on my age and February being my month of conception i am due for another boy *sigh*!

So i am so so sorry about the lateness of this post but i hope you all forgive my tardy ass. i dont really know where i have been other than lazy lol! I promise that one of these days i will get that review of the Wii Fit to ya. I can tell ya this far i really like it ;)

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Lisanne said...

Oh, Lucas would *adore* that "Cars" bedspread! How awesome! And the microsuede? How comfy does that look??? When did you get this new bed setup? February? :wink: haha :) Loved the belly shot. Keep 'em coming! :)