Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My First Born Part 2

You can find Part One here!

Here we are four years later and my boy is all grown up. He isn't a little baby who needs my attention 24/7 anymore. He has grown 23 1/2 inches and gained 30lbs since he was born that day. He had developed his own personality and his own way of doing things. We have had a journey getting there though.

At one he was still my baby! I was a month away from having MJ and he was the sweetest thing. he started walking at 9 months old so he was already on the go. He loved nothing more than to play with balloons and cell phones. He weighted 20 lbs and was around 28 inches tall although i could be off on the height. He had already started developing his stubborn personality. He wanted his way and your way would just not do. We lived in an apartment at the time and he loved to climb the stairs to the bathroom. His favorite activity was bath time and he would eat anything. His favorites included spinach, chicken nuggets, and carrots. He was a boy with a mission and he would get it done.

At two he was a big brother and very rambunctious. He like to pick out his own clothes and try to get himself dressed. He finally took interest in playing outside and on the slides and swings. His personality was starting to come into its own. He loved to laugh and tickle. He is and was such a happy kid. He was still only about 21 lbs and about 32 inches tall. His favorite foods were steak, chicken, and eggs (i guess it was a meat stage). My little man is what i always called him. Those blue eyes would do something to you! He could look at you and it was like your heart just melted and you couldn't say no. He was such a doll and i miss that time frame.

As three had just passed what can i say. This was a year of ups and downs. We learned a lot about each other and our patience levels. He was such an explorer this past year. He loved being able to dig outside in the dirt and discover buried treasure. He would often bury stuff just to go dig it up another day. He was way into pirates. He loved to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies although i was surprised he wasn't scared by them. He was also very much into cars and trucks. He still is a very smiley kid but had learned how to push the boundaries and see how far he can go. His favorite foods are salads, chicken nuggets (see the pattern lol), and kale. He is such a Daddy's boy but loved Mommy to cuddle him. We had a great year! He weights 35 lbs now and is 42 inches tall. He is growing up so fast these days. This was also his first year of school and he had gotten so smart. He can write his name and is now starting to recognize other words like cat and dog. He loves to write out things if you sound out the letters to him. He makes us proud everyday with all the knowledge he possesses.

I look forward to what the next year holds for us. He will have another year of Head Start/Pre-K. I look forward to what all he will learn this year. We will be taking on reading as well as continuing to learn how to write. As he moves out of the Cars stage and into the Super Hero stage i cant help but wonder where the heck the time has flown to. He has sprouted up before my eyes and i cant force it to slow down. He just keeps growing and all i can do is take a deep breathe and try to enjoy it day by day. He is always telling a joke or making us laugh. He has such a great personality and enjoys life. I hope he is always this way. I hope i always remember him this way.

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