Sunday, September 21, 2008


So yesterday was an easy day. I did a load or two of laundry and picked up the living room a little but besides that i rested. I have had a horrible cough for about a week now and it will not give way. So about 1:30 the kids laid down for a nap and so did i. We slept til 4 when someone rang the door bell. Turned out it was my MIL and my niece Curtava. They had come over to play and see what we were into. We talked for awhile before venturing out to the back yard. Once outside my MIL starts cleaning my backyard. This is her MO lol. She always comes over an cleans something. I love her for that but i hate that she has to do it. I have been asking Marcus for weeks to clean the yard but he has yet to do so. He got home about 2 mins after his mom got here and then precedes to run outside (literally without even changing out of his work clothes first) after i told him that his mom was here and she was cleaning our yard. He helped her in total clean the backyard, the back porch, and the front porch. I must say i was happy it got don't, but why did it take his mother doing it before he would start it. GRRRRRRRR.

Anyways i got a few cute snap shots of MJ and Phabian yesterday. Here they go...

So MJ got a pair of gloves that they were using to pick up trash and leaves and had a blast playing with them. Amazing what little things kids will entertain themselves with.

I told Phabian after dinner that he could call and talk to his Nenaw in Fla (this is my mom's sister). He got real comfy on the couch and talked to her about school and reading. Even at one point telling her if she went blind he would read to her lol. Kids really do say the darnedest things.

So we had a fun day. They jumped on the trampoline and played on the swings. It was a warm but not hot day. Only about 75 or so. Nice breeze. Good pumpkin weather as me and Chels were talking about. I hope it keeps this way for awhile. The Pumpkin Festival starts Oct. 2 -5 and i am hoping to get to take the kids. It will be fun and they will enjoy it. For $5 they give them a small pumpkin and some paint and let them paint pumpkins. That should be interesting lol. I just am trying to feel better and enjoy the nice weather before it gets too cold. Spring and fall our my faves. Hopefully i will be able to go to my dad's and get some beautiful shots of the changing leaves. I will post them when i do.

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Christina said...

Sounds like such a great day! I'm glad. You're MIL sounds amazing.

He will read to her if she goes blind - now that's a riot!