Tuesday, September 2, 2008

It Went Well

Well we went to pick my boy up from school at around 11:25 and he was so excited to see us. His face lit up and he was running to us. It felt so good to see him even though he had only been gone for a few hours. He was so happy. He said that he played with blocks and made towers. This week they are learning all about animals. Today was dogs (which he is terrified of). The letter of the week is C and the word of the day was Car. He said his teacher Ms Kim and Ms Angie were nice. He told me all about his tomato soup and grilled cheese he had for lunch. He said he also had oranges and pancakes for breakfast. He said he watched as they sang a few songs. Over all he had a great day and did well recounting to me what happened but we will work on it a bit. I guess he had a good day and that's what matters to me. the teachers sent him home with some papers for me to fill out and a achievement certificate for a great first day of school. We hung it on the wall. He loves it and i know with time so will i.

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Christina said...

Yay for a great first day! He did great telling you about it....way more than Nadia said!