Saturday, September 13, 2008

Phabian's School Turtle

So i meant to post these a week ago but i totally forgot. Phabian was learning about animals in school and they made Paper Plate Turtles and Bird Treats. I don't have any pictures of the Bird Treat cause it was immediately hung in a tree outside for the birdies lol. It was one of the ones you make our of Peanut Butter, Pine Cones, and Bird Seed. He was so proud of it. What i do have pictures of is his Paper Plate Turtle. He was so excited to show me. He hurried us home so that he could get it out and show me his Turtle. The teacher said they made it all by themselves. They helped them cut but they glued and colored it themselves. I think i have Picasso (sp) for a baby lol but i am probably bias.

MJ had to have his picture taken with it too. He was just as excited to show me as Phabian and he didn't even know what it was at first lol.

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Christina said...

Oh that is so cute! What a clever little art project. I love how proud he is of it!