Saturday, September 27, 2008

10 Things I Love That Begin With "T"

Lisanne at Bathtub Junkie invited us to comment on her blog entry and receive a letter. She chose "T" for me. If you wanna play too then leave a comment and i will give you a letter.

10 Things I Love That Begin With "T"

  1. TV...i am such a tv addict. I watch it all. My faves have to be Grey's Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Private Practise, House, Bones, ER, and Fringe. Those are ones that i just refuse to miss. Hence i have a DVR (TiVo) lol.
  2. Time with Family and Friends...I love to spend time with my kids and husband. Also with my friends both online and in my real life. They are the backbone that holds me together sometimes.
  3. Telling Jokes...I love a good joke. I often find myself telling silly things my kids have said or done. Not to mention that my life at times is just plain comical. Almost like an episode of Rosanne before they won the lottery lol.
  4. Taco Bell...I am in love with Taco Bell. For those who don't know what that is...its a Mexican fast food joint. I could eat there everyday and never get enough. I have a love for spicy Mexican food but no matter how hard i try it never tastes as good at home as it does from them.
  5. Tall Tales...Now do not confuse this with lying because i hate that. What i am talking about is when a kid come over to you and tells you all about this big adventure and kinda exaggerates to make it sound like they blew up a mountain instead of just digging a tiny hole lol. They are very entertaining.
  6. Tattoos...I have 4 or 6 if you count the boy's names as separate ones. I got my first at 16 and have been addicted ever since. I would never go to the extreme of covering my body or anything like that. All of mine are covered and i would never get one that would be visible in a business setting.
  7. Telephone...I could not live without the modern day invention we call a phone. Sometimes it is my only contact with the outside world. (yes i am a homebody). I need that contact daily with my friends and family.
  8. Toys...Of all kinds. It is so fun to play with the toys you buy you kids. Sometimes it seems we have more fun with them than they do. Like the kitchen that we bought the boys last Christmas (yes we bought our BOYS a kitchen), we enjoyed playing with it that first night more than they did.
  9. Toddlers...Yes i even enjoy those lol. Toddlers are such a fun age to be in. They always have such great imagination at this age and always can make you laugh no matter how bad you feel. I have 2 myself and i am never bored that is for sure. It is by far my favorite part of motherhood (well besides the cuddly infant part).
  10. Trinidad and Tobago...This is a place i have always wanted to travel to. It is the southernmost island of the Caribbeans. It has beautiful landscape and peaceful beaches. i think it would make for a great 2nd honeymoon for me and hubby if i can just get his ass on a plane lol.

Ok now that is mine. Leave a comment and i will give you a letter. Then you can pass on the fun in your blog.


Lisanne said...

I sure hope that you get to visit Trinidad and Tobago sometime in the near future. That would be an incredible vacation for you (especially after the stress you've been through lately!). Where did you go on your honeymoon? I like a lot of the same TV shows that you do. I told my hubby about "Fringe" ~ thought he might like it (he does!). Thanks for playing ~ it was fun reading your answers!

Butterfly Kisses said...

I would love to play along...give me a letter please, just don't be mean and make it x or z. :-)