Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Several Things

Well i guess i have a lot to blog about. Not really a lot just several different topics. I have been very scatter brained lately and cant seem to focus on any one thing. Maybe it is a cooping mechanism or something. My brain just doesn't seem to want to cooperate with what i need to get done.

Ok so yesterday i had a rant about the paternity test and wanting the results. I did manage to get hubby to call about them but they have not got them back yet. The lady told him that because of the delivery system sometimes they don't get them on Mondays and to call back on Wednesday and check. They will have them no later than Friday and when they get them they will print us a copy and we can pick them up so we wont have to wait on them to be mailed out. That made me feel a bit better. After he got off the phone i explained to him how i am feeling about waiting on the results. The best way i can explain it is that i feel like someone has a gun to my head and i don't know whether they are going to shoot me or walk away. It is nerve racking. I guess this hit a chord with him and he felt bad (which was not my intent) but he got up and started cleaning the kitchen (which i had been bitching about for days now). When he finished the kitchen he went and cleaned our bedroom. It is the place where everything without a place ends up stacked, piled, and put in a corner. So needless to say it was a cluttered mess. He fixed it and cleaned it from top to bottom. I was so happy.

We had also go a book shelf from my dad's house that my mom had made for me when i was like 10. It is hand made and very simple but means a lot to me. We placed items like pictures and stuff on the top two shelves and then on the bottom shelf is all of my books (that i could find) and photo albums. It feels so nice to have something decorative in my house. Since we rent and not own i don't ever put a lot of effort into decorating. I seem to always be ready to pack up and move. I took a few pictures of the book case. Phabian just had to have a picture with it. We left the middle shelf empty for the kids books that Santa is bringing them. My mom's picture watches over us. The poem reads:

Home In Heaven

I'm safely home in Heaven,
though I know you miss me so.
The love I've always felt for you,
within my heart still flows.

My spirit will remain with you
every single day, appearing as a
rainbow or as ocean waves at play.

I'm in the gentle rains that fall,
and in the morning dew.
All you see that's beautiful
reflects my love for you.

I didn't mean to cause you pain,
my time had simply come.
The work that I was meant to do
on earth had all been done.

I'm safely home in Heaven,
where eternal peace is mine.
And where, when God has called you
too, I'll be forever Thine.

Bobbie Wilkinson

On to a dinner note lol. Last night i used a recipe that a girl from my parenting group gave me for quiche. I changed the ingredients to make it a turkey, bacon, and cheese quiche. It was so yummy. I took pictures cause it turned out so much better than the first one i made.

If anyone wants the recipe ask and i will post it. But i think i am done now. Its long enough for one day lol.

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