Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of School

So today is the day. Phabian is at school and MJ and I are at home. It is so awkward for me to only have one child here with me but i know he is in good hands.

We left the house at 7:15 this morning. We walked to my MIL's house and waited til about 7:30 to walk over to the school. We got there early and waited in the waiting area. At 5 til 8 they took my baby in the room. He didn't even say goodbye at first. I had to call him back to give me a hug and kiss and to tell him to be good and that i would be back at 11:30 to pick him up. He could have cared less. MJ on the other hand had a fit. He was so upset that bubby was gone. He wanted to go with him. It was so sad to watch my baby MJ cry over his bubby. We returned home and now we are chilling together just me and him. Well right now he is watching Handy Manny and drawing me a picture and i am, well, i am writing this blog.

Here are a few pictures from this morning and drop off.
I love this shirt: Holding out for chocolate milk!

Gotta love the fake cheese lol

Granny with Phabian in the waiting room.

Another one...he was so excited that Granny walked him to school.

I am still in disbelief that my first born son is even old enough to go to school, but i guess you blink and time flies by. I only shed a few tears this morning only because he wasn't even going to tell me goodbye. I mean when did he get to be so big that he didn't need to tell mommy bye. He is so confident and so happy about this experience where i am still a little anxious and apprehensive about it. I trust the teachers to take care of him but he is my baby. No one will ever care for him the way i do and even though it is only 3 1/2 hours a day that is still longer than he has ever been away before (besides at family's homes). I know i will adjust and MJ and i will begin to enjoy this time together but right now i am a little sad about it. He grew up too fast and next year MJ will be gone too. It is just so hard to let go even if they are ready to go.

It make me wonder how many moms they have drop off a kid and then come back an hour later in tears not ready to let their baby grow up. That's kind of how i feel. I just wanna run back and get him and say no its not time for him to grow up yet. He is too little to be in school doing work and learning letters. He is still just a baby in my eyes. I still remember bringing him home from the hospital. When and how did this happen? When did he get so big? How did i miss it? These are all the questions and more running through my head.

Well all i hope everyone is having a good day and i will update more about how his day went later when he gets home and we talk about it.

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Christina said...

I hope the first say went well - for both of you! I know just how you feel...Sounds like he is very ready, tho!